About Us

VTS has been providing transportation services on the east coast since 1990. Our customers include transit agencies such as the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority and Vineyard Transit Authority, as well as working with ESPN on events like Super Bowls, X Games, Great Outdoor Games and Bass Master’s Classics.

VTS of Massachusetts is the upscale transportation provider you need to ensure the success of your system.  Our services include:

    • Fixed route operations
    • Paratransit services
    • Transit system management
    • Consulting and transportation assessment

Customer satisfaction and safety are the foundation of exceptional service.

Customer service and safety training go hand in hand in providing our guests exceptional service.  On the road safety training includes familiarization with routes, local areas, traffic regulations, multiple on the road examples as well as a defensive driving course being taught each year by a certified trainer.  All employees, including drivers, are part of our ongoing relentless pursuit of safety. Customer service, like safety, is crucial to the way we do business. By providing the highest customer satisfaction and ongoing safety training we strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction to guarantee the success of your system.  With VTS of MA, you gain the experience of a team focused on providing the highest levels of satisfaction with over 20 years as an industry leader in specialized upscale transportation.